Pure, unadulterated, fun.

Fun is in a bit of short supply at the moment. 


But I do really feel that there is a lot that we can do to create a little fun in our lives. To counteract the gloom and doom. 


I've just come back from a trip to Legoland which I've been planning with my girls for absolutely ages. They are totally Lego mad. I thought for a while we weren't going to be able to go because of covid restrictions but we made it in the end. My girls were over the moon. 


For two funfilled days….I rediscovered my inner child!  We literally went on every single ride and attraction. For a moment……I thought “Why am I going on this roller coaster?  It’s  going to scare the life out of me!!!”


Anyway, I did it. And you know what, it was fun! And it made me scream and laugh and giggle and shout and screw my eyes tight shut….. and I didn't care because it was fun!  


I think I enjoyed it so much, because...

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What a disappointing year…but I’m a glass half full kinda girl

So in many ways 2020 could feel a bit like a year of disappointments. Everything's on hold. 


Plans cancelled, Weddings gone, holidays off and birthday parties out the window. Halloween looks doubtful and even now Christmas is a bit up in the air!


It's just been a really awful time for so many people. To have all these beautiful things that you’ve looked forward to for so long, put on hold or cancelled and …… it’s horrible. 


I’m always a really positive person. I'm definitely a glass half full type. But at the start of lockdown, even I was struggling to see the best in the situation. When I first told my 6 year old daughter that I was going to have to shut the studio in March, she howled, she cried. It broke my heart actually. And I was pretty heartbroken thinking that my business,  that I'd worked so hard for, was going to have to close.  


It took me a few days to get myself back together. I started to...

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New beginnings, September new year resolutions.


Being a secondary school teacher for 15 years I kind of got into the habit of always thinking September was the new start for the year. And I still feel the same. 


I've always had an academic diary and still do now even though I've left academic teaching. I've always struggled to get out the habit of being in that world.  This week, like many others my daughters both back to school and I’m plunged back into the whole school run, homework fun cycle. 


So, I always think September's a great fresh start and the time to start new things. I always make my new ‘academic’ year’s resolutions…. they’re much the same as the ones in January….”be healthier”, “take more me time”, “start a new hobby”. I’m much more likely to stick with a new habit in September than January. 


So how about it?  September is the new January…. make a new year’s...

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10 tips for creating art on holiday: How you can have a holiday sketchbook to be proud of

art create holiday Aug 19, 2020



I have just got back from two glorious weeks on the Northumberland coast.  It’s somewhere I love going with my family because the beaches are incredible. Who needs to go abroad! Although the weather sometimes leaves a little bit to be desired, the North Sea isn't quite the Mediterranean. It's so beautiful, so unspoiled, so quiet. It's perfect for painting or drawing.


If you wanted to do some art while you are away, this is the perfect place to do it. Or wherever you are on holiday….UK, abroad or staycation! 


My kit when I go away is simple and fuss free. (DISCLAIMER ALERT….sometimes I don't end up using it because I'm running off after my children).  I do like to take things with me that are easy to just slip in a bag when I’m off exploring somewhere. 


Here are my 10 go to items of what art materials to pack for your holiday:



  1. A collapsible water pot: you can sort of squash it down into...
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Together in Art: Create! Art School Scholarship Programme

Thanks to the funding won from #dansoup project I am pleased to be able to offer 4 people  a 1 month scholarship to a Create! class of their choice (drawing or painting) plus an art pack of materials to get you started. 


To qualify for the  Scholarship: 

- You must live in the Nottingham or Derbyshire area

- You suffer from anxiety or an anxiety related illness

- You would like to create art from your own home during an online class


Please make an application to contact@createartschool.co.uk, explaining in 500 words or less why you would like to be given the scholarship. 


To find out more:



A bit about this project: 

Covid 19 forced my art school business online. The people I help, continue to be able to enjoy their sessions and the sense of community that these bring.

It’s given me the insight that there are a group of people who would not have been able to take part in my sessions...

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How I pivoted my business to give people something they genuinely needed during the Covid19 crisis

Entrepreneur Helen Woodfood, owner of ‘Create! Art School’ in West Bridgford, Nottingham runs a successful art school business from a beautiful bespoke studio, purpose built in her garden. In the midst of the Covid19 lock down, in April 2020 Helen transformed how she delivered her workshops offering customers the chance to attend art classes from their home via online workshops.


With such a positive response to teaching on line, Helen has gone on to expand her business by creating a brand-new video based workshop entitled ‘Watercolour: The Basics’.  The video based course can help people become a confident watercolour artist in under 10 hours through 7 tutorials with no previous art experience required.  Starting with the very basics, Helen teaches customers how to use watercolours, guiding through some simple techniques to understand the workings of this popular art material.


Helen said “I'm passionate about art and helping...

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