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Watch at home, Pause when you need to, Create in your own time


Choose the course style and medium you wish to learn. Set aside some time to relax. I will show you  what you need and how to do it.



At a relaxed pace, I guide you through practical demonstrations. Start and stop at any time. Watch at your own pace. 



Once you have the skills and techniques in your chosen material, carry on experimenting , learning and practising. 

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Maggie says

I have been coming to Helen’s art classes for almost two years. I have loved the variety and challenge Helen provides us with at every drawing class on a Wednesday morning. She is a very talented teacher both in the studio and on Zoom."

Dianne says

I have joined Create Art School and it's the best thing I have done,  the atmosphere is happy and people are very friendly. It's lovely getting to make new friends. Helen goes through everything with you if you're not confident she will help you through it step by step. I would highly recommend joining her classes there is so much variety in her work something to suit everyone. Going through this pandemic has been so stressful but since I started Creative Art School, it's lifted my spirits I feel I have a focus in life."

Penny says

I have only discovered art this year with lockdown and am trying out various aspects of it. Joining Helens online classes have really helped me to try out different mediums and given me lots of new ideas. Helen is a great teacher, so welcoming and very patient and I am really enjoying being part of her classes. I can highly recommend them.

Kate L says

Helen is the most wonderful teacher. I’ve gone from being someone who thought any kind of art was unattainable for me, to being someone who takes a sketchbook on holiday and who produces work I’m really proud of. Helen makes it all feel possible and do-able. She’s really relaxed in her teaching but still conveys technique and method, almost without you realising. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough."

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