Relax, Unwind, Unleash your Creativity & Make Beautiful Art

Create! Art school has helped hundreds of people get creative.


Established in 2017, my Nottingham Art School runs classes and workshops in-studio and online to help people paint, draw, craft and unleash their inner creative. 

Why Create?


I'm Helen and I run Create! art school. I help people relax, unwind, unleash their creativity and make beautiful art.

I firmly believe that anyone can be creative, you just need to give yourself the time, space and a little help to get there.

That's where I come in.....Create! gives you that chance to escape real life for a bit, and immerse yourself into a completely mindful activity.


More about me

Create! Courses

Jo says

“The drawing lessons have been excellent. Great resources and clear instruction. I feel like my drawing has developed a lot. Thank you.”

Myra says

I have been a member of one of Helen’s art groups for nearly 2 years. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions both painting and drawing. Helen is a very talented artist but more so a really good teacher. Having started with no experience I have become a more confident artist through her tuition."

Liz says

“I really enjoy the drawing class. Helen is a brilliant teacher, she gives us lots of advice on techniques and nurtures our skills.” 

Katie says

“The painting class has been a real oasis. Helen has kept me motivated trying different media with her enthusiasm and expertise. The class has been fun, encouraging and I look forward to seeing Helen and all my painting friends on a Friday.” 

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