Aubrey Beardsley: Monochrome Genius

Feb 28, 2024

A child prodigy: He displayed artistic talent from a young age, publishing his first poem at 14. Influenced by Japanese woodcuts: His bold lines and flat compositions were inspired by Japanese art. Controversial figure: His provocative and often erotic illustrations sparked outrage in Victorian society.  He had a short but impactful career, despite dying young at 25, he left a lasting legacy on art and illustration.


Explore the captivating world of Aubrey Beardsley, the master of monochrome, join this live online workshop (video available for 2 weeks after).

When: Thursday 28th March at 10am for 2 hours.

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Price: £15 or included as part of your Create Art Hub membership if you are a member (no need to book on).

✒️ Learn about Beardsley's signature style: Discover the secrets behind his bold lines, striking compositions, and captivating use of black and white.

✒️Essential techniques: Master essential skills like pen and ink drawing, hatching, and cross-hatching to create your own unique artwork.

✒️Creative inspiration: Draw inspiration from Beardsley's iconic works and explore your own artistic vision.


Here's what you'll need: 

Black ink, Dippy pen (or a regular black pen), Paintbrush, Water, Kitchen roll


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