Van Gogh: A textured life

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Vincent van Gogh born 30th March 1853 – 29th July 1890

Aged 37 


He created about 2,100 artworks, including around 860 oil paintings, most of which date from the last two years of his life.


Van Gogh was commercially unsuccessful during his lifetime, and he was considered a madman and a failure. 


As he became famous only after his suicide, he came to be seen as a misunderstood genius in the public imagination


His interest in art began at a young age. His life, thoughts and feelings are well documented though the enormous number of surviving letters between him and his younger brother Theo.   


Throughout his life  he drifted between different locations, jobs and relationships. 


His varied career included art dealer, teacher, lay preacher, bookseller finally  settling on artist.


He became fascinated with drawing people. 


He was also influenced by colour theory and Japanese art. 


But when he settled in Arles, in 1888, he began the most productive and brilliantly creative period of his art career.

He developed a close working relationship with Gaugin during his time in the South of France, his style seems to change too. 


When Gaugin leaves, Van Gogh cuts off his ear, and starts a period in a mental hospital.  

He painted a picture a day here. He starts to get better and leaves.  

Severely anxious, about money and  the marriage of his brother, he takes his own life. 


One of the most troubled yet most prolific and interesting figures of the Art world. 

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