Happy 70th Jubilee to Queen Elizabeth II

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Blog: My Royal Appointment

Happy 70th Jubilee to Queen Elizabeth II 


I’ll let you into a little secret. I do have a soft spot for the Queen…because I used to work for her!


For one glorious summer in 1999, I was a steward in Buckingham Palace. Welcoming the tourists into the State Rooms, to look at the incredible art, architecture and gardens. It was a truly incredible experience and unforgettable. 


I had a great summer meeting people from all walks of life and from all over the world, both visitors and staff. Working there also opened my eyes to how fast some people can get around in a tourist attraction, I think the record was 21 mins from the entrance to the gift shop!


I also got to wear a really snazzy uniform, a navy suit with red lapels and big gold buttons, blue court shoes. We weren’t allowed to wear it outside the palace so had to change in and out of it within the confines of Buck House. I did however take it to my local dry cleaners, who were most intrigued with it!


What you don’t see that behind all the grandeur and gold, it’s a working house, 'below stairs' was painted a kind of minty green back then, it’s all quite functional and basic. The staff were all normal people like you and I, even the statuesque Welsh Guard with the big fluffy hats do talk and smile like us. We did even occasionally catch a glimpse of royalty fleetingly!


I wonder how the Queen is really feeling about her big Jubilee event? Do you think she’d rather be chilling out in her PJ’s in front of Netflix, although I doubt it will be The Queen she’s watching!? 

Perhaps she’d like to relax and unwind with some watercolours?

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Have a great week and celebrations 👑


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