What a disappointing year…but I’m a glass half full kinda girl

So in many ways 2020 could feel a bit like a year of disappointments. Everything's on hold. 


Plans cancelled, Weddings gone, holidays off and birthday parties out the window. Halloween looks doubtful and even now Christmas is a bit up in the air!


It's just been a really awful time for so many people. To have all these beautiful things that you’ve looked forward to for so long, put on hold or cancelled and …… it’s horrible. 


I’m always a really positive person. I'm definitely a glass half full type. But at the start of lockdown, even I was struggling to see the best in the situation. When I first told my 6 year old daughter that I was going to have to shut the studio in March, she howled, she cried. It broke my heart actually. And I was pretty heartbroken thinking that my business,  that I'd worked so hard for, was going to have to close.  


It took me a few days to get myself back together. I started to think about the positives and the opportunities rather than the bad stuff. I started to think about what could I do, rather than what I couldn’t. My glass was refilling!


So, I launched my online business, and to be honest it's been the best thing that's happened to Create! I've been able to reach and help many more people. To create art, have happiness, calm and peace. I’ve even been able to give out four art scholarships to people who suffer from anxiety and depression. 


And that's something I'm really proud of. 


In these odd times, it’s  hard to think too far ahead. You're constantly worrying about things not happening rather than having things to look forward to. 


A couple of weeks ago…I actually put up a Christmas tree.  My sister, Sophie, of Sanctuary Garden Design and I had a new idea to give people something to look forward to for Christmas. So we hired a professional cameraman and shot an amazing wreath making video. 


We have literally shared all our knowledge, from 4 years of wreath making in the art school, on an amazing comprehensive video course. In under 90 minutes, you will learn from start to finish: what materials and equipment you need to make your wreath; how to actually make it, how to dress it and hang it…. And all for an amazing price of £15. 


We wanted to be able to reach the most people. Sophie and I both really love Christmas and whatever happens in the coming weeks, with our ‘make at home’ BRONZE video course, you can have a lovely treat for Christmas. Why not host an online wreath making party for a group of friends? Why not make the office party a wreath making event? 


That’s not all that we’ve got to offer you! 


With our SILVER package, you can get a beautiful decoration kit and of course with our amazing GOLD package, you can come and make in studio with all the materials included. We also have a steadfast guarantee in case of all covid eventualities.


So come on, let's keep our chins up. Fill up your glass and let’s all create something special.  Click here to find out more about our Wreath Making Packages


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