New beginnings, September new year resolutions.


Being a secondary school teacher for 15 years I kind of got into the habit of always thinking September was the new start for the year. And I still feel the same. 


I've always had an academic diary and still do now even though I've left academic teaching. I've always struggled to get out the habit of being in that world.  This week, like many others my daughters both back to school and I’m plunged back into the whole school run, homework fun cycle. 


So, I always think September's a great fresh start and the time to start new things. I always make my new ‘academic’ year’s resolutions…. they’re much the same as the ones in January….”be healthier”, “take more me time”, “start a new hobby”. I’m much more likely to stick with a new habit in September than January. 


So how about it?  September is the new January…. make a new year’s resolution today! Perhaps you want to learn to paint or improve your drawing skills? Lots of people think about it, but then never quite get around to it, or are too worried that they might not be good at it.  Anyone who knows me…knows that my teaching style is very relaxed and there is no way to go wrong…you just do what you can and get better each time you try. 


Painting is so relaxing, it's so mindful. To get started a nice place to start is with water colour painting.


What you need to get started with water colour painting.  

Get yourself a palette (a plate will do!). You can use one with holes in it, or perhaps one with ‘pans’ in it which are like little compartments that sit in a tin and some paints. I prefer the tubes that you can squeeze out. But there are all sorts out there. 


You just need a couple of brushes. I suggest three different sizes start with 0, 6 and 10.


I use an old piece of board to mask tape my work onto so that it remains stable and doesn’t buckle. Paper is varied in price and quality but I recommend 300 GSM (grammes per square metre). Once you've got all those things sorted…you can get started. 


To get started, experiment with colours and thicknesses of paint… and go from there. There is literally no wrong way. Just START! You pick up ideas just from doing…. During September I am offering a massive 50% off my ‘Watercolour video workshop for beginners’, the perfect way to get started.  

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During the course you will become a confident watercolour artist in under 10 hours (7 tutorials).  No previous art experience required Starting with the very basics, I will teach you how to use watercolours. I will guide you through some simple techniques to understand the workings of this popular art material.


In this course we will you will learn basic watercolour techniques and paint different subjects including: cactus, seascapes, florals, landscape and figures to create your very own portfolio of work!



To claim your 50% discount, valid until 30 September 2020 CLICK HERE (you will have up to 4 months to do the course).  GET 50% OFF with code: WATERCOLOUR50


And also created a little freebie for you full of watercolour tips! Download here


Learn how to do something new this autumn… and get started with your new year early!


Let me know how you get on. 





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