7 questions with Lynn Smith

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I’ve introduced today a new feature to our Facebook Club... here’s the first in a series Member Focus 



7 questions with… Lynn Smith 

Where do you live and a little about you? 

I have lived in West Bridgford, Nottingham for over 40 years. I am married with 2 children and 2 grand children. Once a history teacher in a secondary school, I am now enjoying a very happy and busy retirement, with reading, visits to the theatre, cinema and galleries and my art, filling a large part of my time. 


What is your favourite art medium and why? 

My 'go-to' medium is just a pencil or pen for drawing, although at the minute I am exploring the world of oil pastels. With the help of You-Tube, a new book and of course, Helen, I am busy finding out how versatile this medium is and how one can add finer detail to the end result. 


What piece of art are you most proud of? 

The piece of work I am most proud of is a picture of Durdle Door that I painted using one of my least favourite media, chalk pastels, with chalk pencils for added detail .... who knew that you could use gin to put down a base layer in chalk! 


What artist or place inspires you to create art? 

The artist/ place that inspires me is is Albrecht Durer. His drawings are beautiful and I can relate to the intricate details of his work. 


What’s the one art gadget you couldn’t be without? 

The one gadget I wouldn’t be without is my mechanical rubber - it's great for removing tiny areas/ highlights on pencil drawings. 


What’s your next art project or course that you fancy? 

My next art project is possibly a Swiss landscape for a friend's wedding gift and with that in mind I have enrolled in the 'Next Steps' watercolour course at Create Art! 


What would little Lynn Smith think of grown-up Lynn Smith? 

Little Lynn would probably say to grownup Lynn that "all those hours spent drawing the same pink and white blossom using wax crayons have not been wasted!" 


Thank you Lynn for sharing this with us.

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