JMW Turner: Master of Watercolour

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Turner Watercolour Workshop

JMW Turner was amongst the most famous watercolour painter in history, but most focus is still given to his work with oils. 

 (1775–1851) exemplifies the energy, imagination and enquiring spirit of his time. For his admirer John Ruskin he was ‘the greatest of the age’.

The charming medium of watercolour painting was ideally suited to capturing the beauty of the English countryside, which was a major element of his career.

This artist's skills with watercolour enabled him to achieve a rare vibrancy along with the transparency effects synonymous with watercolour. 

He put this to good use in creating landscape scenes from beautiful spots in Britain and Italy, leaving his career as a combination of English meadows and Venetian lagoons. 

Join in for our 2 hour artist workshop to explore some of the watercolour techniques of this amazing artist: 

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