How I pivoted my business to give people something they genuinely needed during the Covid19 crisis

Entrepreneur Helen Woodfood, owner of ‘Create! Art School’ in West Bridgford, Nottingham runs a successful art school business from a beautiful bespoke studio, purpose built in her garden. In the midst of the Covid19 lock down, in April 2020 Helen transformed how she delivered her workshops offering customers the chance to attend art classes from their home via online workshops.


With such a positive response to teaching on line, Helen has gone on to expand her business by creating a brand-new video based workshop entitled ‘Watercolour: The Basics’.  The video based course can help people become a confident watercolour artist in under 10 hours through 7 tutorials with no previous art experience required.  Starting with the very basics, Helen teaches customers how to use watercolours, guiding through some simple techniques to understand the workings of this popular art material.


Helen said “I'm passionate about art and helping others discover their inner artist. My workshops allow people to immerse themselves in drawing, painting, printing or craft.”

“I firmly believe that anyone can be creative, you just need to give yourself the time, space and a little help to get there.  As a busy mum of 2, a business owner and former Head of Art in a Secondary School, I understand the pressure life puts on us.  Create! Art School gives you that chance to escape real life for a bit, immersing yourself into a completely mindful activity.” 

“I teach people of all ages how to draw, paint, print, create sketchbooks and lots more.  I have a passion for teaching art and truly believe anyone can do it. I want to help people be confident in knowing that they can too!” 


One happy customer Darshna said “I was a complete novice but from the very first water colour lesson we were producing complete pieces that I could be proud of.  Each lesson incorporated new techniques and showed me how use techniques and colours to achieve different effects.  I also loved being able to have time for myself and feel I have a new hobby”.


Since setting up her business in 2017, Helen has helped hundreds of people, adults and children, unleash their creativity through art.  Helen is offering people the chance to sign up and receive her ‘Top 10 Watercolour Tips’ via



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