Brydie Filer

Printmaking Tutor

"As a secondary school teacher of Art and Design for many years, with a genuine love and absolute enthusiasm for all things arty and crafty, expanding into teaching workshops is an absolute joy.


I specialise in various printing techniques as I love the cross over of art and craft skills. I take inspiration from everywhere but particularly love the beauty of the natural world.


I truly believe art is for all and hope that my printmaking workshops give people of all abilities the inspiration and knowledge to continue to create wonderful pieces long after the session has finished."


Rebecca Lynn

Artist and Art Teacher


"Hello, I am really excited to be part of Create!


I am a secondary art and design teacher and owner of Tulip House Studio – a creative small business specialising in modern and colourful art prints to make your homes beautiful!


I have a love for art and design in all forms, but drawing, mixed media and digital illustration have got to be my favourite. I love getting out and exploring nature with my family and you will see a lot of the inspiration that gives me captured in my own work."


I can’t wait to join you all and share creative ideas through my workshops where together we can take simple techniques and elevate them to create beautiful and artwork.