Hello! I'm Helen. It's lovely to meet you. I'm so glad that you have chosen to learn more about Create! art school.


You now have access to two FREE courses on my website:

 My 5 elements mini course gives you a really easy way into learning some essential drawing skills, a great starting point.


The Pen, Ink and Watercolour flowers course has been a great success and gives people a really easy way to learn how to use watercolours, with immediate results. 


Draw and Paint along and please share what you do into our fantastic community on Facebook the Create! art school club


Download my app, you can also easily access the course materials on your phone or tablet. To download the app, click here


You may like to browse my fantastic range of Live Online Courses and Video Courses which will help you get started on your artistic journey, build your confidence and help you unleash your creativity.


Need help with figuring out which materials you need to get going? Check out my helpful drawing and painting pages which give you a clear idea about what to expect from a class with me. 


Do get in touch if you have any further questions 


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