Learn how to get started with your holiday sketchbook in 6 easy steps....

Watch the videos below to pick up some simple tips on starting your sketchbook.


Hello I'm Helen!

I'm a former secondary school teacher who founded Create! Art school in 2017.

Initially teaching from my studio face to face and now worldwide virtually, I help instil artistic confidence in women so that they can relax unwind, unleash their creativity and make beautiful art.

I am a firm believer that with a little time, space and expertise, anyone can draw or paint.I have a knack of making even complicated art methods, seem simple.

I live in Nottingham, UK with my family, husband Guy, 2 daughters and 2 kitties. 

What we do at Create....

I host a range of courses, weekly and one offs, on line and in studio. I also have created a portfolio of video courses which help people learn art wherever and whenever they wish. 

My membership the Create! Art hub which is a fantastic online learning resource which gives you access to live and recorded course archive as well as an amazing “discovery course” which takes you through each basic art material to help you build your confidence. 

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