Simple Landscape Painting

In Watercolour


7 video tutorials for you to follow and to draw along in your own time and at your own speed. 



At a relaxed pace, follow along in real time with your watercolour paints



Go back, review the videos. Find your own landscapes and have a try with the techniques. 

Become a confident with painting landscape

Build on your existing skills or learn from scratch. 

Learn effective watercolour techniques to create different types of scenery


I will guide you through some simple techniques to understand how to use this most versatile of mediums. 


In this course we will: 

  • Learn how to use watercolour

  • Create atmospheric landscape

  • Use simple techniques to understand the workings of the material

  • Create three different types of landscape including: simple, layered mountain and sunset

  • Increase your confidence

  • Put theory into practice

  • Make a beautiful  portfolio of watercolour landscape paintings

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Maggie Says

"This course makes simple landscape very accessible. Helen makes it so straightforward. I liked how the course covered various aspects of landscape theory, creating depth and perspective and then adding those details to draw the eye through and make the picture interesting.  This is an excellent course, particularly for beginners or for people like myself returning to watercolour after a long gap. Helen explains things very clearly while managing to retain her obvious enthusiasm for the watercolour medium. "

Lisa Says

This course was a lovely introduction to watercolour landscapes. Helen has a wonderfully easy vibe that carries you along with ease during the first steps. A calming, rich experience which builds up your confidence and allows you to paint along but not without the freedom to stretch your wings and adapt your medium if you so wish."



In this Simple Landscape Painting Course:

I'll take you through how to  paint 3 different types of landscapes.


You will learn: 

Landscape with 3 trees

Create silhouettes and build simple layers of colour to create this landscape. 

Mountain Landscape

Create a quiet layered landscape with some simple features to create depth and movement.

Sunset Landscape

Create vibrant mixtures of colours and patterns to make this dramatic twilight scene. 

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You will need the following:





Watercolour Pencil

Kitchen roll


Masking Tapes


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