Acrylic Painting: The Basics

Created for people who want to learn how to paint confidently in acrylic. 


8 video tutorials for you to paint along in your own time and at your own speed. 



At a relaxed pace, follow along in real time with your paints. Pause or rewind whenever you need to



Go back, revisit and review the videos to improve. Find your own ideas to inspire your own painting. 

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 "I created this course to give you a clear path through learning how to use acrylic  paint. This course will give you the confidence to get started and then carry on, on your acrylic painting journey."  

Helen (course creator) from Create! art school

Learn to create 8 different paintings, in acrylic, using easy-to-follow tutorials.


Build on your existing painting skills or learn from scratch. 


Grow your confidence in acrylic to be able to  experiment and take your skills further. 


Starting with some mini tutorials I will teach you all about acrylic paint: kit, theory, application, painting surfaces, colour and preparation. 


I will guide you through some simple techniques to understand how use acrylic paint to create a variety of effects and build your confidence. 


We will then go onto  more in-depth video workshops painting 8 small paintings:  each exploring a different subject and helping you put techniques we have already learnt into practice. 


In this course we will: 

  • Learn simple but effective painting techniques

  • Build up your painting skills

  • Increase your confidence in using acrylics

  • Put theory into practice

  • Draw different subjects including: Landscapes, Fruit, Birds, Flowers 

  • Make a beautiful  portfolio of acrylic paintings

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Create! art school is where I help people relax, unwind, unleash their creativity and make beautiful art. 


 Hello I'm Helen and I own and run Create! art school. I'm passionate about art and helping others discover their inner artist. My nurturing and supportive classes will allow you to immerse yourself in drawing, painting, printing or craft. Online or classes will fit into your life.


I firmly believe that anyone can be creative, you just need to give yourself the time, space and a little help to get there.  As a busy mum of 2, a business owner and former Head of Art in a Secondary School, I understand the pressure life puts on us.


I also know how easy it is not to reward ourselves with time to do things we love. That's where I come in.....Create! gives you that chance to escape real life for a bit, and immerse yourself into a completely mindful activity. 


Since setting up the business in 2017, I have helped hundreds of people, adults and children, unleash their creativity.

In Acrylic Painting: the basics: 


I'll guide you step-by-step, through 8 painting tutorials.


I'll also provide lots of help and advice to get you set up with the right materials and techniques to successfully complete the course. 


Together, we will paint, the following: 

Bold Flower

Use bold rich colour to create this vibrant flower

Wafty Lavender

Using layering techniques, create this soft lavender field

Simple Landscape

Create the illusion of water with this beautiful layered scene

Northern Lights

Create dramatic effects and silhouettes using contrasting paint areas


Build up  foreground and background to create 3D objects appear 


Build up shiny surfaces to create textural quality 


Create textural values and life like features 


Prepare for going a little more abstract in our final painting


I will equip you with all the technical and background knowledge you need 

Catherine says

“Helen your teaching manner is amazing. Your years of teaching shine through. You give great tips for anyone starting on this journey or getting back on it . It is good that each tutorial builds in a different skill and got more confident with each one. Very easy to follow and easy to pause and then carry on when ready. I would never have been brave enough to try this without your simple, easy to follow instruction.”

Lisa says

“I have found this course incredible! Such an amazing introduction to acrylics, a good selection of techniques and will certainly continue on this journey! Inspiring tuition, clear instruction, encouragement and the lovely gentle reassuring sound of Helen’s voice make it so relaxing. I’m proud of the pictures I’ve created and want to re-watch and try some again using different colours, objects and subjects. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in starting or rediscovering this medium.”

Cornelia says

“Helen, you have such a friendly manner when explaining techniques. love that you tell us what we are going to paint, what we need and , then, at the end you recap what we have achieved. Excellent and clear instructions. I like that you remind us to use the pause button to allow us to go at our own speed! You make every painting fun. Your teaching skills come across very well and together with your friendly and approachable manner make you the best teacher I have learnt from!

I have learnt lots. Thank you, Helen.”

Penelope says

“I have enjoyed learning all about acrylics with this course. It has taught me how to use them and how to have fun with them. Ive been unable to put my paintbrush down since I started it. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves art whether a beginner or not.”

To start the course, you will need:

Acrylic Paints 

Palette or Plate

Greaseproof paper


Water Pot

Kitchen Roll

(You can then supplement your kit with simple household materials)

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Acrylic Painting: the Basics



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