Lino Printing: The basics


Simple. step by step, tutorials for you to follow. 


 Design and Carve

At a relaxed pace, design and create your print. 



Print your print time and time again. 

Welcome to the celebration

Month of Print!


I have something extra special for you during July... a celebration of  print and printmaking techniques!  🌻.


We have a launch FREE event, video course relaunch, special offers on printing kits and a wonderful guest tutor!

But what is Print? 

 There are lots of different ways to make prints from mono printing to etching to woodcuts. Most people start young with printing with the basic potato prints! 


During the FREE launch session I’ll be demonstrating Lino printing live!


Lino Printing is a brilliant medium because it's simple, affordable and really effective. You can make a really effective print 'block' in a relatively short time. 


You design and carve it (you need a special tool for this) and can personalise it how you want. 


You can go as simple as you want to start and then build up to something more complicated as you get more confident. 


Once you have made your 'block' you can then use different coloured printing ink (or even poster paint does the job) and you can print your designs in all different colours.


I would recommend that this craft is suitable for everyone over the age of 10. The tools are sharp and you need to be careful when using them, children will need supervising closely. There are alternatives for younger kids to use 'polyprint' instead which is much safer.


Also in our studio sessions, our guest tutor Brydie will be using mono printing, which is a really great technique that makes ‘one of a kind’ prints and allows for real experimentation. 

Join one of the LIVE events in  AUGUST and SEPTEMBER 2021: 

With a free demonstration of print and how it works to 2 incredible studio workshops with our amazing guest tutor Brydie, it will brighten up your summer: 

Learn how to create fabulous prints at home with one of our starter or deluxe kits plus video course.


To learn more about this course

Click here


Special video lino print course & kit bundle offers.  As you are a member of our art club you can get a special 25% discount off the prices using code PRINT25


VIDEO COURSE: Lino Printing: The Basics £29 (£21)

VIDEO COURSE: Lino Printing: The Basics PLUS Starter Kit £49 (£36)

VIDEO COURSE: Lino Printing the Basics PLUS Printing Deluxe Kit £91 (£68)

Lino Printing: the basics VIDEO COURSE

Learn how to make lino prints from scratch in less than 2 hours. 

Watch the videos on what you need to get started.


I'll take you step by step through different equipment, design, safety, carving and printing tutorials.

Then the tutorials will guide you through how to use the tools and techniques to create your own lino block.

Then use your block to create your own range of prints. 


Equipment and Materials: 

To create your prints you will need a kit of essentials but there are also a few recommendations of useful equipment, that we recommend if you want to take lino printing to the next level. 

Meet the team

Helen Woodford

Owner of Create! art school and Lead Tutor

Hello I'm Helen and I own and run Create! art school.  I'm passionate about art and helping others discover their inner artist. My nurturing and supportive classes and video courses will allow you to immerse yourself in art.

 I firmly believe that anyone can be creative, you just need to give yourself the time, space and a little help to get there.  As a busy mum of 2, a business owner and former Head of Art in a Secondary School, I understand the pressure life puts on us.

I also know how easy it is not to reward ourselves with time to do things we love. That's where I come in.....Create! gives you that chance to escape real life for a bit, and immerse yourself into a completely mindful activity. 

 Since setting up Create! in 2017, I have helped hundreds of people, unleash their creativity.


Brydie Filer

Printmaking Tutor

"As a secondary school teacher of Art and Design for many years, with a genuine love and absolute enthusiasm for all things arty and crafty, expanding into teaching workshops is an absolute joy.


I specialise in various printing techniques as I love the cross over of art and craft skills. I take inspiration from everywhere but particularly love the beauty of the natural world.


I truly believe art is for all and hope that my printmaking workshops give people of all abilities the inspiration and knowledge to continue to create wonderful pieces long after the session has finished."

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