Drawing Natural Forms


9 video tutorials for you to follow and to draw along in your own time and at your own speed. 




At a relaxed pace, follow along in real time with your pencils and pens.



Go back, review the videos, use the handouts to improve. Find your own objects to create your own drawings. 

Learn to draw natural forms in 9 easy to follow tutorials


Build on your existing skills or learn from scratch. 


Learn a new skill and master beautiful drawing techniques to capture nature. 


Starting with  some simple techniques, I will teach you how to create beautiful sketches of nature. 


I will guide you through some simple techniques to understand how to really look at the natural forms and translate these into beautiful sketches. 


In this course we will: 

  • Learn basic sketching techniques

  • Build up your skills

  • Increase your confidence

  • Put theory into practice

  • Draw different subjects including: Poppy head, Lotus pod, Cones, Shell, Sedum, Fuscia, Stones, 

  • Make a beautiful  portfolio of drawings


"One of the great thing about the course is the chance to experiment with different mediums. I came to the course expecting to be drawing with pencil all the time. Having done no art work since O level it initially amazed me that I could produce anything that looked like it was supposed to & that there were so many different ways to create a pleasing image."



Create! art school is where I help people relax, unwind, unleash their creativity and make beautiful art. 


 Hello I'm Helen and I own and run Create! art school. I'm passionate about art and helping others discover their inner artist. My nurturing and supportive classes will allow you to immerse yourself in drawing, painting, printing or craft. Online or in-studio...my classes will fit into your life.


I firmly believe that anyone can be creative, you just need to give yourself the time, space and a little help to get there.  As a busy mum of 2, a business owner and former Head of Art in a Secondary School, I understand the pressure life puts on us.


I also know how easy it is not to reward ourselves with time to do things we love. That's where I come in.....Create! gives you that chance to escape real life for a bit, and immerse yourself into a completely mindful activity. 


Since setting up the business in 2017, I have helped hundreds of people, adults and children, unleash their creativity.

In Drawing Natural Forms

I'll take you step by step through 9 drawing tutorials.


You will learn: 

Poppy head

Use HB pencil to create line and stucture. Then use tone to enhance your image. 

Lotus Pod

Mater the art of graduated shading in HB. Gradually working from light to dark tone. 

Pine Cone

Learn how to draw more complex shapes in HB and how to use shading to enhance. 


Use white pencil on dark paper to trace to shapes of the circular form. Then use simple lines to emphasis the shape. 


Use intricate lines in white pencil to create lovely textural qualities in this flower head. 


Use soft curving lines to delicately curved shape of the shell. Then apply surface decoration with further marks.


Use pen to pick out the distinctive floral forms. Then use coloured pencil to portray the bold colouring. 


Create rounded forms with the pen. Then use pencil in graduated shading to emphasise the curved shapes.


Use the pen to trace the form and markings of the stone. The use soft colours to bring out the natural hues. 

Liz H says

"I loved joining the classes.They were all excellent. Fabulous teaching with step by step guidance that really built up my confidence."

Thank you Helen.

Katy F says

“Totally loved doing the Natural Forms drawing course over New Year and have just had an hour with the new free ink and watercolour course. Thank you Helen! ❤️ Half the problem is ‘thinking’ what to draw when you only have a short amount of time switching between work/ parent-teacher (!)/ worrying mode ! So all these short opportunities to just focus and switch off are fabulous.”

Rosey N says

“I have really enjoyed this course, its reignited a love of art, given me some relaxing time to de-stress during this challenging time. Its a lovely course, i've been out today on our family walk and collected some images of natural forms to draw - It has certainly inspired me.”

Joy says

"I'm really enjoying the drawing classes and for me they are sort of like moving meditation as I don't have to think, I just do!"

Heather W says

"I have completed the Drawing Natural Forms Video and really enjoyed it. Very relaxing, although I couldn’t keep up with Helen. I didn’t enjoy art at school but now I am loving it and pleased with my results, for a beginner. Even if they are not perfect, it is the enjoyment and challenge of learning. So many different mediums and techniques. Thank you Helen"


Carol Williams

"Started the Drawing Natural Forms course today, with the poppy head. I then went outside in search of seed heads, amazed to find these beautiful structures in the February garden. Quite pleased with the love-in-the-mist, but the allium was hard. I like its shadow on the page though - looks much better than my drawing!"

You will need the following:

HB pencil



White pencil

Pen and Coloured pencil

You also need white and dark coloured paper

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Drawing natural Forms



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