£12.00 GBP

FEBRUARY 2024: ONLINE: New York (Acrylic Paint and Ink)

Join us for a relaxing art lesson in the comfort of your own home. Follow along on Zoom while Helen creates a complete artwork from scratch and you can also create a beautiful piece of art. (1 hour)

Here are the course details: 



Wednesday 7th February 2024



12.30 - 1.30pm


This topic for this session is: 

New York


Your class tutor will be: 

Helen Woodford


For the class you will need the following materials:

Acrylic Paint  (I will be using Red, orange, Purple, white); Black Ink, A4 Card to paint on, Brushes, Downloadable “street signs” PDF (have this printed ready) Brushes, An old Credit Card or piece of plastic to drag paint around with, Glue stick, Scissors.