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Create! art hub: 3 Month Membership GIFT OFFER

What is the Create! Art hub? 

It’s the space where art and wellbeing meet.

This 3 month membership of the hub gives you instant access a wide range of content including 2 LIVE classes every month for 3 months. 


Give the gift of Creativity!

Allow your lucky friend, family member or colleague immerse themselves in the relaxing practice of creating art.

With this amazing membership, they can lose themselves in our twice monthly live (or recorded if you can't make the live session) art lessons.

Help them learn the basics and then build on their newfound confidence by delving into our massive collection of art workshops and skill building sessions.

Let them to discover the world of art history and learn from the great masters of art.

Surprise them by helping them to create beautiful art work on a regular basis.

Give them the freedom to experiment with materials they  have never used before or hone their skills in those you have.

Encourage them to share their artistic endeavours in the supportive Facebook group.


You can access live sessions or video content which includes: 

  •   A live monthly art skills class
  •   A live monthly artist workshop
  •   A vast array of video recordings of art classes in our archive
  •   A discovery video course which takes you step step through how to use each art material 


Discover a wide menu of relaxing art classes, lessons and sessions: 

  •  From pencil drawing sketches, to pastel drawings, to watercolour paintings, to messing about with acrylics and inks. Our live art skills courses provide something for everyone.
  •  Learn about artists from different eras, genres and cultures with our monthly art lecture and workshop. Learn about the artist and then immerse yourself into their world by creating an artwork using the style of the artist.
  •  The amazingly comprehensive discovery video course allows you to build your skills gradually over time covering all the main materials used in art creation
  •  Our archives of past classes allow you to find something that will suit your newfound skills and help you stretch and develop them further. 


Who is behind the hub? 

I'm Helen and I run Create! art school, based in Nottingham, UK. With 20 years experience of teaching art to all ages and stages, I am the perfect antidote to a busy, stressful work life. I have an ability to make creating art seem simple and will help you carve out an oasis of calm and tranquility in your day. Or access the classes after the event to provide the perfect a wind down after work or day to day activities. 


How to buy a gift membership: 

Upon purchasing the gift membership you will be emailed a coupon code (works just like a gift voucher) and a link to use the code at checkout which will give them free access to the art hub. 

Pass these details to the person you are gifting the membership to. 

 Input the coupon code at the payment page in the Coupon Code box and gain instant access to the hub. 


Terms and conditions: 

This is a 3 month membership for the hub. It will start on the day you join and you will retain access to the hub for 90 days from the first day. 

By purchasing this product you agree to our terms of business. 

You can read these here: https://www.createartschool.co.uk/legal

What People Are Saying:

Since joining Create Art Hub I have done more art in the last few months than the last several years and have really enjoyed it! love being able to have this “me” time and am learning new ideas and skills along the way. Fantastic!


A very joyous experience! I am the art equivalent of Couch to 5K (or perhaps 3K)! I have completely surprised myself and am quite impressed with what I have learnt.


Makes me sit still and do something relaxing and enjoyable which is not something I do too often. It is lovely to once again be able to do these things in a truly supportive and encouraging environment.